La Petite Chalet -  Swiss Alpine European Style Lodging

Innkeeper@LaPetiteChalet said on Jun 13, 2016 7:46 PM

Just wanted to copy and post a review of a former guest who took advantage of The Guest Room at Turkey Trot ... in case you cannot find availability at La Petite Chalet: Victoria & Jim, Detroit Michigan said on Aug 10, 2011 2:31 PM Jack- Jim and I want to thank you for your INCREDIBLE hospitality! I want to share our experience to encourage future guests who find the chalet booked and unavailable to consider a stay in the guest room in the main house. Here's our story...We were on the last leg of a 2.5 week vacation and made a last minute decision to stay in Little Switzerland late one Saturday afternoon. This situation left us searching the web on our cell phone in hopes of finding accommodations. La Petite Chalet popped up and sounded just right. However, upon calling we were disappointed to learn the Chalet was already booked. You then offered us a guest room in the main house, which is your personal residence located on the same property as the Chalet. Hesitant, we decided to drive to Little Switzerland and check out the accommodations before booking. Upon arrival, we were absolutely blown away. Your home is fabulous and so are you! You were so accommodating and gave us the complete run of the main level of your beautiful home. It was really a highlight in our travels. I would encourage any guest to stay in your lovely home, it is definitely not a disappointing second option to the Chalet. You also took me on tour of the is spectacular too. I can't imagine anyone visiting Little Switzerland and choosing to stay anywhere else. Well done Jack!!! P.S. We really enjoyed relaxing on your fabulous porch with a glass of wine and we were so pleased when you agreed to join for a glass too. You are a perfect host, we hope we make it back to visit your beautiful home in the the meantime, we wish you much success.

Mike Mayo said on Aug 15, 2016 8:57 AM
Jack, Wow! Your home, generosity and graciousness were completely unexpected. Honestly, Mary Beth and I were stunned. I am an adventuresome man and somewhat prone to chance, but our encounter leaves me feeling our karma was especially strong last weekend. Everything came together and created a wonderful moment. Your home is truly pleasing Jack, unique and comfortable. Mary Beth and I settled in within minutes of your welcome. We took your advice and enjoyed takeout from the Cafe in the Tree House with a nice red. A light shower cooled the evening air. We felt our cares fade quickly. And that wonderful brass, my. Everywhere our eyes turned there was some thing of beauty to raise our curiosities. I think we both maxed out the memories in our phones taking pictures. I enjoyed the morning solitude of your amazing porch and must report to you the turkeys are still around! A nice flock came down out of the woods and wondered around the "downtown" area, a big male strutting and demonstrating for the ladies. Ha! Nice. And, towhees perching right on the railing and serenading me as I sipped coffee, lovely! We really could not have asked for more Jack. We feel lucky and blessed at the same time. Your home and generous offer helped to create a perfect ending to our trip which began in the madness of freshmen matriculation at ASU. We knew that'd be tough. We didn't know the warmth and wonder of your home lay ahead of us. Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect them. A strong wonderful memory was created this weekend and you and your home made it possible. Thank you my brother. Your friend, Mike Mayo