La Petite Chalet -  Swiss Alpine European Style Lodging
Fine Wine in the Emprise RoomIf your search for the perfect Blue Ridge Parkway accommodation and mountain lodging experience has previously caused you to think only " Hotel ", we encourage you to consider an ethereal experience unlike any other. Believe us, basis our previous multitude of blown away guests, we selfishly agree there are other fabulously available options beyond "hotel" if that is your thing. We are just as centrally downtown walking distance located to all as the rest of 'em - but be sure to compare the alternatives - cost is really not a meagerly excusable alternative. We don't wish to accept the few dollar cheaper option alternatives - for we ARE the desirable alternative - experience it for yourself - enough said. We have been around enough years - we don't need to a beg or borrow ... Come overnight with us in our boutique pied-a-terre property in a town so quaint and friendly that you will wonder why you have never experienced La Petite Chalet before now. Your positive experience is guaranteed. Remember - there are other options outside of the "hotel room box" !  IF nothing else, please read out plethora of positive reviews, which continue to sell us out on a weekly basis. La Petite Chalet is a small operation - we do not wish to compete with the big'uns - we just wish to make your visit to Little Switzerland the best that it can be - guaranteed!
Little Switzerland North Carolina
The village of Little Switzerland NC is a summer colony that was founded 100 years ago in the cool elevations of the Blue Ridge Mountains. People back then knew that they had discovered a "heaven on earth" here in the western mountains of North Carolina. It is no wonder the early settlers of the new century called it Little Switzerland. For it so closely resembled their fondness for the peaks and valleys of Switzerland itself.       
Switzerland and Canton Jura Flags
38 Orchard Lane
Little Switzerland, NC 28749